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Kijiji Success Stories

The following stories were sent in by other Kijiji users in Saint John. Please submit your own success story to the Kijiji team.

"Sold my stuff in 2 hours"

"Thanks to Kijiji! I have a lovebird, a Himalayan cat and a Boston terrier/pug dog, and I love them all!!!!!"

"Sold in 2 days - thanks Kijiji! Everyone should buy everything from Kijiji!"

"I am so impressed with Kijiji! We had been in need for cash and we have sold so many things on your site ... almost immediately! And even an item that had been on for a while, sold at a perfect time!! Thank you!"

"Im restoring an antique car and its been about 3 years now ive been working on it off and on only because it so hard to find parts for.Now that ive gathered all my parts im finally getting it together.If not for Kijiji i would NOT have been able to find half the parts that i got just advertising on this site.Youd really be surprised by what people have deep in thier sheds or back yards that youre looking for.Yeah,id say this site ROCKS"

"Not everyone is shopping for used church pews. Not unless they are planning on starting their own church. I spent months trying to find new homes for these old things. My Sister suggested Kijiji. I thought, "Why Not?" So I did. Every single pew was sold within 20 minutes. Wow! I wonder how many new churches are going to start up this summer? lol"

"Sold my lawn mower in only 18 hours of being on kijiji. thanks guys!"

"hi just wanted to share about great success on ad we placed .within less than 24 hours of placing ad we have sold the item.thanks kijiji"

"After a long period of hard times, long hours at work, and getting nowhere, I decided to leave the rat race and join the work at home population. In doing this I discovered Kijiji. My first month was a $2000 month. I started with a few things I had kicking around the house, then I started buying from others on Kijiji. This site has changed my life. The ability to reach out from the comfort of your own home and buy/sell/trade is priceless. As well as the exposure. I've also recently hooked up with an investor and have multiple business projects happening at once. Plus I still buy/sell from home. You have given me the freedom we all deserve. I make more than an average weeks pay now-sometimes in one day-without any income assistance or help from anyone but myself and my family. Thank you KIJIJI for giving me the hope and the power to do what I want to do. If I can do it, then anyone can."

"I thought that I would like to re-do my living room...I couldn't afford new furniture but I thought that there had to be a way. First off I listed my sofa set...I sold a couple of tables as well..that gave me the money go buy another sofa set at Kijiji.. I listed a lot of items and with the money that I made I bought an electric fireplace, a leather bench-table and some decorations.. Thanks to Kijiji I have a whole new, modern looking living room."