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Kijiji Success Stories

The following stories were sent in by other Kijiji users in Halifax. Please submit your own success story to the Kijiji team.

"Kijiji is fantastic! I have sold everything from hosta plants to a honda civic. I have purchased an entire bedroom suite, a beautiful washer and dryer and furniture for my son's university apartment all without a hitch. I appreciate the 'cash only' policy as this relieves the seller from having to negotiate method of payment. I also appreciate that kijiji staff monitor duplicates and that users can report ads that are no longer relevant etc. If I could make a suggestion, I would recommend that people use spell check before posting their ads. I am sure this would improve their kijiji success rate. How you market your merchandise matters, even on kijiji."

"I was looking for work for long awhile. Went on kijiji and went through 48 pages of want ads for work. I sent out a lot of resumes. I had a few interviews and got hired within a week after using kijiji. Great job and was easier than the government job bank. Thanks kijiji for being there when I needed you."

"We listed our home with Kijiji on a Friday and sold it on Sunday."

"We adopted a lovely 3 year old cat named Luna last year, she was an indoor cat but since coming to live with us she loves to go out in the yard, but never runs away. She fit right in with the family immediately. Our grandchildren love her and bring her treats and toys."

"Very happy, I was able to buy exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!"

"I needed a table and chairs. I went on Kijiji and saw something that caught my eye. Turned out it was just down the road from me - took a cab there and bought it! First time I've ever used Kijiji."

"I would like to thank you people at Kijiji for everything my family and I have bought and sold."

"I would like to thank the folks at Kijiji for providing the public the opportunity to sell, buy, and recycle the many unused items most people have. I have had many good experiences, meeting many good and interesting people. Thanks!"

"Thank you Kijiji ... found my tires in less than 24 hours."

"My father left when I was a baby, he was young then. At that time my name was Nicole MacNeil (my mother had separated from my brother's father, but hadn't been divorced yet) but soon after my name was changed back to my mother's maiden "Lewis". Twenty years later, I finally figured out I might have the resources to find my father. I had articles in the news paper, I had a group searching for him on facebook, checking old military records and multiple websites with "lost connections" ads, one of those websites being Kijiji. I had posted ads looking for him all over Nova Scotia (where I'm from ) and in Ontario (where he was from). It contained the small amount of information I knew about him, some information about me, and a 20 year old photo of my father. Just the other day I received a reply to my ad in St Catherines, Ontario. I called the person claiming to be my father, asked him a few questions that only he would know, and he did. I found my father off of kijiji! With such little information I was able to use this resource as a method to find someone I thought I would never meet. This website is amazing. He's very excited to meet me! He's coming down in late fall. I just wanted to extend my many thanks to this website and everyone involved with it. Without kijiji, I don't think I could have ever found him. Thank you so so so much. --Nicole"