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Kijiji Success Stories

The following stories were sent in by other Kijiji users in Vancouver. Please submit your own success story to the Kijiji team.

"In the beginning of Nov. I saw an ad. to find a new home for a small dog on Kijiji and I decided to try for him. This has worked out wonderfully. The little dog has the new home that his previous people were wanting to find for him and I have a great new dog. I am so happy that I discovered Kijiji."

"We were told to put our puppy ad in as soon as they were born because it might take awhile to sell them. NOT TRUE with Kijiji!! We sold one when they were only 2 weeks old and the other one shortly after. The only down side to this was the buyers had to wait a few weeks before they could pick them up. We will definitely use Kijiji again. Thenks."

"There is little to tell in the way of a story! But a chap called Dave has purchased my boat and now has a piece of Vancouver's history and a beautiful antique to boot.My thanks to all at Kijiji . Terence."

"we found a very nice car on this site and bought it.. thanks"

"Thanks to have Kijiji website. First time I used this site to sell my BMW car, and I received a reply less than half an hour. And, I sold my car in 1 day. Thanks Kijiji."

"almost every call I recieved for my car was from your site. Very helpful, thanks Beth"

"I have used Kijiji two times. Once with my little Yorkies this spring and again with my poodle mom this fall. They are family pets. I have been so successful advertising with Kijiji. All my babies have found the perfect homes and I found the responses to be respectful and encouraging. Thanks so much for your site. So many people visited and viewed my puppies. I'm so proud of them. Thanks again."

"Thank you Kijiji for your exceptional service. The person sharing the rent left us in a awkward lurch leaving us to pay some bills twice as he failed to do so after collecting our money. The super quick response from your quality readership allowed the vacancy to be filled in less than 12 hours. All our obligations can now be met in a timely fashion. Wow, who would ever believe such fast action. Thanks Kijiji for saving our bacon."

"I had my standard poodle puppies for sale on your site and I found Kijiji to be the best place. I was also using the BuyandSell, and Vanc.Used and the Province/Sun. But, my ad with you worked the most successfully ( I think one reason was because I was able to put up 4 pictures with decent pixal size for good clarity ) I am so appreciative of the opportunity to use your site. It was also so helpful to be able to edit and change my ad every so often - the editing process worked so smoothly... no stalls. Again, thanks so much. I had over 850 visits to my ad in under three months and sold 3 of the 5 pups because of Kijiji. Meg sherring"

"This is a great site witch gets results. I was didn't know how I was going to dispose of items as I was moving.I put a an add in and three days later everything was gone. Thank you for having this site. Highly recomended"

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