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Kijiji Success Stories

The following stories were sent in by other Kijiji users in . Please submit your own success story to the Kijiji team.

"Bought my first car from somebody on Kijiji, would definitely recommend and visit again!"

"Kijiji is amazing. I got a washer and dryer moved out of mother's basement for free. The machines were sitting in the basement for 10 years, and thanks to Kijiji they were gone within a day of placing the ad. Best of all, all I had to do was type instead of lift. Thanks Kijiji!"

"Love Kijiji. It is a great environmentally sound way to reduce clutter and give quality items another purposeful life. Promotes community living in a confused world..."

"Kijiji is my first stop when looking for anything from home services, furniture, pets, accommodations ... you name it! I love the way the site is organized, the photos are easy to view and the layout is very user-friendly. In fact, I can't imagine life before Kijiji - how did we do it? I also run a small home based business which I advertise on Kijiji - it has been the only advertising tool I've needed to keep my business going! Thanks Kijiji! Gordie from Hamilton, ON."

"Hey guys I have an add on Kijiji Hamilton wanted to buy section. My ad was looking for Halloween props. I have recieved many leads from this ad.I ended up purchasing about $500.00 worth of props from one person that only cost me $170.00. WHAT A STEAL!!! Thanks Kijiji I never would have found a deal like that without you. I love Kijiji and recomend it to almost everyone. Keep up the good work, and I cant wait fopr my next sucess story! Thanks again. Brandon from Hamilton."

"I just want to tell everyone how successful I've been with selling things and buying things on Kijiji. If you have things to sell or buy, give it a try! You won't be sorry."

"We have a new business and website up and I advertised it on Kijiji, just to see what would happen. It more than doubled our site traffic! Thanks!"

"Kijiji has been a great way for me to both buy/sell items (everything from sweaters to a bed!) and to get to know people in my community. I have actually made friends through selling through Kijiji and met incredibly interesting people I would have never otherwise met. I always have a great experience and feel confident using this site."

"Just want to say thanks... posted my ad on Saturday and the flooring was sold on Sunday. Great!!"

"My first Kijiji story was an unqualified success. I sold 4 snow tires, with rims and covers, to a very nice young woman in less than two days. Everything was terrific, and I intend to use your service again."

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