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Kijiji Success Stories

The following stories were sent in by other Kijiji users in . Please submit your own success story to the Kijiji team.


"Me and my family of 4 LOVE kijiji. It is easy quick and fun to use. I have sold hundreds of items over kijiji and i love how quickly they sell and how safe and secure it is. I have sold cars, tickets, games, you name it - i've sold it! Its also so awesome how many items you can buy off kijiji and save so much money. Always use Kijiji for selling and before buying :)"

"j' avais un tapis roulant tres gros, que je devais me debarrasser parce qu'il prenais trop de place et en deux jours deux hommes de repentigny sont venu ent me l' acheter sans meme negocier merci kijiji ."

"Thank you Kijiji for posting our ad for a new semi-detached duplex for rent. We now have a lovely tenant who is anxious to settle in her new place. Thanks again."

"I have always put my unwanted items for sale on Kijiji, and have had great sucsess selling stuff. I decided to put my house up for sale, and within a couple of days I had a reply. The family came to see it and bought it in less than a week - it was listed and sold, no other advertising at all! I was asking $497,500 and sold for $480,000 - Kijiji is amazing, thanks Kijiji, you saved me thousands of $$$$$!"

"j'aime kijiji il est mieux que lespac je comprends plus avec kijiji et il des prix moins chers que lespac et il a plus de choses merci kijiji"

"Thank you again Kijiji staff. I had tremendous success in finding excellent homes for my puppies and kittens. Selling miscellaneous items was also a breeze. It was quick and easy to place an ad. I would like to thank the staff at Kijiji immensely again for making it so easy and accessible to everyone using the sites. Blessings to all to make it a better world that we live in."

"Ceci n'est pas une blague. Je ne sait pas si c'est normale mais jai écris mon annonces en 3min je me lève de ma chaise et le tel sonne!!! Merci Kijiji"

"This is the FIRST time I've ever used Kijiji to sell household items. I was surprised how easy & how successful it was for me! THANK YOU for your services!"

"This site is FANTASTIC! After experiencing quick results and selling our piano to the first who viewed it, we are delighted at the ease of this transaction. The buyers were able to ask and reveive all the pertinent information they required as to not waste either of our time. Our exchange was very pleasant and we knew our special piano would be going to a good home. Despite being from the "old school" I am convinced I will never have to advertise again through print media. Appreciate your help and dedication to providing this valuable service!"