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Kijiji Success Stories

The following stories were sent in by other Kijiji users in Toronto (GTA). Please submit your own success story to the Kijiji team.

"I got my Wii console about 2 years ago. 3 months later, it became so boring no matter what game I bought for it. Then I posted an ad on Kijiji, and traded my Wii for an XBOX 360. Then, since I couldn't pay every year to play online, I went back on kijiji and bought a PS3 because I heard it is free membership. It came with 3 free games and 3 controllers with the console just for $160. I currently have a collection series of one game series, and I have COD: Black Ops 2, The whole God of War series, COD: MW3, COD: Black Ops, and GTA IV. I've had the PS3 for about 4 months and I am loving it way more than the XBOX and Wii! Three words. I. Love. Kijiji."

"Oh my goodness. You guys don't even know about success. Well I am sure you do lol but What you don't know is just how much we love KIJIJI!. Our story starts all the way back in 2009. When we first found out about this site. We didn't think anything much of it. Thought it was more like a "Craig's List" Kind of thing. But the more we looked into it the more amazed we were with it. 3 years later and we are proud to say that because of KIJIJI. We now have an amazing Honda Civic, 2 even more amazing Rottweilers (Cole and Mya) A too cure for words Cat named Sable. Our apartment that we have been living at for a year. Our Jobs working at Boston Pizza. And our phones. Thanks to KIJIJI. Our live has already begun. Thank you to KIJIJI for everything! Love Eric and Amanda"

"thanks kijiji I open my own company doing Mirror finish on motorcycle,car parts house hold Itms with puting my ads on kijiji I'm getting a lot of customers again thanks I hop this will keep up ."

"I sold my Pontoon Boat last fall very quickly. We think your service is great! Thank you."

"My parents were downsizing from a house to an apartment and didn't have room for half of their things in the new place. A few months prior to moving, I helped them list everything they couldn't take on Kijiji and within a couple of weeks nearly everything was sold! Everything from couches to a BBQ to a chest freezer went. The great thing about Kijiji is it's a one stop site for everything you need to buy or sell, and you can always find and get what you need."

"I just put my first ad on Kijiji last week and within 2 days, I had an interested buyer. He contacted me through email, agreed to meet up in a public place and sure enough ... I made my first Kijiji sale! I am certainly pleased how quick of a response I received and will surely use Kijiji again in the future!"

"I am a car dealer in a suburb of Toronto and have tried many other sites to advertise my cars. They are all much more expensive and I don't get half the response I get on Kijiji!! My inventory ranges from $2000 cars to $30,000 cars, I've sold them all using Kijiji and my business is growing!! I have been self-employed for almost 3 years and Kijiji is my most valuable tool, thanks Kijiji!!!"

"I just sold my old iPhone in less than 2 hours in Kijiji. Seller was so happy that he gave me an extra 5 bucks on the top of my asking price. Amazing site, keep it up guys!"

"I was looking for a summer job and decided to post an ad on kijiji offering my services in tutoring. I started off at $10/hour and made around $80/week. Two weeks later, I make $20/hour and $250/week. I can now work whenever I want, and people come to me. Thanks kijiji! You helped me reach people around the city, enabling me to kick-start my business."

"I was walking home from school one day and saw a bar fridge at the side of the road. I thought "what the heck" so I took it home, plugged it in and it worked perfectly. So I cleaned the whole thing spotless, put it on Kijiji, and sold it in 3 hours! I pocketed $50!"

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