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Kijiji Success Stories

The following stories were sent in by other Kijiji users in Toronto (GTA). Please submit your own success story to the Kijiji team.

"I was in a bad place, got cancer had treatment then more stuff...I moved into a great affordable ground level, like my own bungalow. I have sold large items of furniture from my house. Couldn't have done without Kijiji, paid for my move.. Great !"

"Zip zam zing I just sold my thing! I listed my Macbook Pro this morning and I just sold it! Less than 4 hours later. Gotta love that, and the cash in my pocket! DRINKS ON ME!!!!!!!!"

"Advertised a vehicle on kijiji at midday yesterday. Buyer in place by 5.00 pm. The same day Can't believe it!!!!! Thanks will recommend as appropriate"

"I have been using Kijiji solely for about 2 years and am so happy. I have moved coast to coast over the years and things were just being moved and not used for years. I have been going through the house and selling both large and small items. It feels so good to de-clutter and get some unexpected cash. It sure adds up quickly. Thanks Kijijij for being so user friendly."

"I purchased a set of excellent condition 20 inch rims for $160.......great bargain. No hassle and they fit straight onto my Jeep. Thanks Kijiji."

"Within hours I was receiving calls on my rental. 15 potential rentors- rented for asking price 2 days."

"Hi there :) I'm Sarah from Toronto, and I just wanted to tell my kijiji sucess story! :) I adopted a little guy named micro, he is now a huge part of my life, joined the family and I just love him so much. I saved him from being put into an animal shelter :) he is truly a one of a kind yorkshire-chiuahuah :) Thanks so much kijiji! :D"

"Hi, I started using Kijiji a while back. For about 6 months, I have been selling plenty of items from my house. I have sold over $600 of assorted items, including a refrigerator. I reccomend this site to anyone who needs quick cash/and/or/ to clear up some space!! If you are a new user, make a Kijiji account, it will make posting/replying to ads a lot easier!! Location: Aurora, Ontario Items sold: 10+ Money made: $600+ Space cleared: A LOT! THANKS KIJIJI!"

"I thank the universe for Kijiji. With finances being tight, and my husbands two sons coming to live with us. We had to move into a bigger house. From a Condo into a house we didnt realize how little of furniture we had and how much we needed. Kijiji saved us. We got everything from sofa/loveseat, artwork,carpets,dishes,appliances and much more. With the low prices and the FREE STUFF catagory. We now live in a beautifully decorated home. In the near future I will be doing a blog on how to decorate your home with Kijiji finds.. keep posted :-)"

"thanks to Kijiji I found a good job,a decent affordable car,and sold some things, Thanks Kijiji"