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Kijiji Success Stories

The following stories were sent in by other Kijiji users in Lethbridge. Please submit your own success story to the Kijiji team.

"I love Kijiji - I got on here to find a job and had the job the next day. I also have gotten several Christmas presents off of here."

"I bought a used car through Kijiji, after waiting patiently for about 6 months. I was routinely checking up on new entries, trying to find the perfect car. I finally found a silver Honda Accord, with very low mileage, and very well kept. I used Kijiji to get a hold of the seller, and purchased the car the next day! I've had good times driving around town ever since."

"I recently sold an electric scooter that I posted on Kijiji. Took some pictures, wrote up the ad (easy to do with your interface), and voila! I received a call within one minute of posting the ad which resulted in the quick sale. One minute! Thank you for providing this excellent service."

"I had been asking my parents for a hamster for a few days, and they were not too keen that they would have to pay over a hundred dollers for all the accessories and hamster, so i went on kijiji. i found a beatiful little hamster, with all the stuff needed to take care of her, best of all i only paid 20$. thank you kijiji for helping me find a bestfriend :)"

"My success in selling on Kijiji has been nothing but amazing. I know if I am reasonable with the price and honest about condition it is sold. I have sold larger items from Motorcycles to Cars. Thanks for a great sales outlet."

"great site, enjoy it and really sells the stuff just sold a couple of things and made more space at home"

"i payed a lot of money getting an add in the local newspaper and got no replys. So i heard about this kijiji and i posted an add here for free and soon after got numorous calls. wow thanks kijiji"

"I used Kijiji for the first time today. In the afternoon, I posted an ad to sell a stove. I was surprised to find two replies within a couple of hours of posting and by 9 p.m., my stove was sold!! I was so impressed and have bookmarked Kijiji as my marketplace for the future! Thank you so much for this wonderful service!"

"Live in Lethbridge, AB and bought car in Edmonton, AB I found on Kijiji. I look at cars for sale every day in half a dozen cities, my new hobby, lol, still have yet to see same year, model, color, engine exactly as I wanted and wanted on the Kijiji ad. Way cool."

"I sold my 1982 Firebird. It was interesting though. I recieved a fraudlent money order from a fella on line so I contacted Phone Busters and reported it. However in the mean time several were interested. It was great. I thank you for this site, makes life so much easier. Dennis"