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Kijiji Success Stories

The following stories were sent in by other Kijiji users in Windsor Region. Please submit your own success story to the Kijiji team.

"Last summer, my beloved cat inadvertently escaped from my new residence. As the agonizing days turned into weeks, someone suggested I post an ad on Kijiji. To my astonishment, ten days later, a person answered, and sent a pic of my lost cat! After all the summer's heartache, it was such a joyous moment! Soon, my cat and I were happily reunited, on one of the happiest days of my life! I was so grateful to the kind lady who rescued Tabby, and also very grateful to Kijiji for providing such a highly-used service to the community. Now, whenever anyone mentions a lost pet, I always encourage them to post and check on Kijiji!"

"I'm an entrepreneur who opened my fitness studio in 2007. Since then I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars and upon discovering Kijiji, I could not believe how much money I wasted when this amazing service was available to me all along! I LOVE kijiji and have gotten great exposure for my business. Every few weeks I will pay to 'bump' up my add - that is certainly not a dent in my pocket but with fantastic results! Thank you Kijiji team!"

"I would just like to thank Kijiji for the help in finding my dog. The ad was seen by the Humane Society and they emailed me to tell me that a very kind woman brought him there. He is now safe at home. Thank you!"