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Kijiji Success Stories

The following stories were sent in by other Kijiji users in Edmonton Area. Please submit your own success story to the Kijiji team.

"Posted ad on Dec 27th. all free kittens gone on Dec28th. This is great Thanks Kijiji"

"The day before the Paul McCartney show in Edmonton, I found someone advertising a floor ticket for $200. (Face value was $250) I was skeptical, but we verified it at a Ticketmaster outlet before I bought it. It was the best concert of my life, and I was reading about how people couldn't get tickets for 500 and up. Thanks to Kijiji and that wonderful person who sold their ticket at such a generous price, I had the best concert experience of my life."

"I found a great deal on iPod Touches. They were in pristine condition, I was very impressed how effortless it was! Thanks Kijiji!"

"I sold a Michael Kors bag very quickly!!"

"I sold a Coach bag. Thanks kijiji!!"

"I sold a double stroller on Kijiji just a couple of hours after listing it. Thanks!!"

"I listed my digital camera on Kijiji, and just four minutes after it was listed, I received a phone call from a lady who purchased the camera from me."

"Wow! Great way to advertise. We included a picture of our trailer and it was sold in 2 days. There is no better way than Kijiji. Send in your add today!"

"Kijiji is a great resource for my business, it allows me to provide products to new customers and market my products at my own personal comfort level. I have always enjoyed meeting new people and advertising thru kijiji allows me to grow my business. And using this site to find products that I also need as well! It is a great tool that I see as driving force to fuel today's economic growth. Being able to have such options like putting your ads to the top of the page really works great."

"I am a single parent on a limited budget and ever since I found Kijiji I have become addicted to it. I have been able to refurnish my whole place using this wonderful site. I am not able to go and buy brand new although I have in the past. Since I found this site, this is all I use. I also tell everyone I know and every one I get a chance to tell. I love this site!"