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Kijiji Success Stories

The following stories were sent in by other Kijiji users in Calgary. Please submit your own success story to the Kijiji team.

"Hello,i have a small construction business,i do exteriors,the ad i post on kijiji has gotten me numerous jobs and those jobs led to more jobs.Then when things get slow with my business i find success in posting things i no longer use or dont need and am able to take care of my daughter and keep the bills paid.I can honestly say that this site has probably made me at least a hundred thousand dollars in the last 5 years.Its an excellent site for almost everything!"

"I found out that my friends band would be travelling Europe for over 3 weeks this year. They invited me along so I needed to get some cash rustled up in a hurry. In 2 months I sold a home gym, a cell phone, an ipad, and a digital SLR. I paid for my entire trip by selling stuff I wasn't using, it's going to be a great summer!"

"Kijiji is the go-to website for online classifieds, second to none! I have sold countless personal vehicles (recreational and full-size), watches, electronics, and purchased almost everything I own through Kijiji. Many vehicles have been bought/traded through here with me! Some friends and I rented a house in Calgary, and almost furnished the whole thing (from TV to couches to wall art). Thank you for everything!"

"Through Kijiji, I've been able to sell camera and musical equipment and household items that would have been too much of a hassle to advertise using other methods of online selling, and the prices I received for them were much better than if I had tried to sell them at a garage sale. Thank you for offering such a great free service!"

"Hay, thank you people at kijiji! I sold my motor bike for what I was asking. Thanks Again."

"Recently I sold my beloved Honda Accord by way of a Kijiji ad, and with Kijiji's impressive reach, I eventually found a buyer who recognized value and was willing to pay a premium for a 1-owner, well cared for car. I sold my 18 year old Accord for $3000! Thank you Kijiji. I'm grateful."

"I was told by a lot of people how amazing Kijiji was, and me, the skeptic, did not believe them. It seemed to be too much of a bother, taking the pictures, uploading the pictures, posting the ads, all for some 20 or 30 dollar items. I was out of work and had a wee bit of 'extra' time on my hands. Those thirty dollar items have turned into a day drive into the city to sell many, many thirty dollar items all at one time. This has made the difference to me of putting food on the table, and the time spent learning the site and posting has been well worth it. At first I felt kind of silly meeting people in a shopping center parking lot, but it has become fun, the sales are VERY real and the time spent has been well worth it. Thanks Kijiji!"

"Kijiji, wow comes to mind. Marketing at its best. What a great concept to kick start your pending career ... a "free" Ad. It works and Kijiji provides a service that offers an element of hope for the unemployed to secure future employment opportunities. Thank you!"

"I had an ad on Kijiji for my self-loader logging truck. I waited untill the right buyer came along. It is sold now and the truck is going to Ontario from BC. Thanks Kijiji! I have sold many things on Kijiji so I thought it was time for some recognition."

"Wow! I can't believe how quickly I sold my truck through Kijiji, less than 24hrs after posting. In town and out of town responses. Calls were coming in even as I was showing the vehicle, that really helps! Thanks Kijiji."