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Kijiji Success Stories

The following stories were sent in by other Kijiji users in Saskatoon. Please submit your own success story to the Kijiji team.

"I had a used truck for sale this summer. I sold it in less than twelve hours using Kijiji."

"I have been obsessed with Kijiji since the first time I saw it! I've bought many items for my family such as a bunk bed, maternity clothes and our mini van! I've also gotten rid of some furniture I didn't need as well as toys my kids didn't play with anymore! Kijiji is amazing. As a matter of fact, I'm about to go look at a piece of furniture for our baby that we are expecting, and hopefully bring it home with me! Thanks Kijiji."

"Thank you kijiji. Our ad for the chihuahua puppies was so successful they have all be placed into their new homes!"

"Posted the ad for my truck on Monday and it was up the next day. Fellow responded to the add liked the pics online of the truck. Came in on Thursday to test drive and bought it on the spot. Kijiji worked great for me and easy to setup."

"Thank-you Kijiji for your awesome web site. It was through Kijiji the only advertising that I used to help me sell my home in Saskatoon.. I saved my self thousands of dollars. You did it again Kijiji. Thanks-you so very much!!!!!!!"

"The RV we advertised on kijiji sold within 24 hours. GREAT site, thank you."

"Hi, I have purchased a diamond ring, a puppy and a rhinestone Chanel bracelt from kijiji. I made new friends with all 3 sellers and we will keep in touch for more good deals. I love this site.The deals were smooth and honest. Thanks, Rebia"

"Hey Kijiji! My brother and I would like to personally thank you for making this medium possible for a couple of local young brother to promote there great new business to Saskatoon, we would look forward to advertising on a constant bases, thanks again! -Respectfully, Matthew & Jonathan Schryer Schryer's smoked bbq shack"

"I am a farmer who had lots of items that were not used, maybe a hundred different items from vehicles, to heavy harrows, to motorbikes, tires and empty barrels and much more. I started hauling things to the local auction to sell, but with the high commisions and not knowing what price you will get, also the hassel of hauling the items to the auction...what a pain. I learnt about kijiji and have sold already half of what I have to sell, so easy..Thanks you kijiji"

"Thanks to kiji sold my wheelbarrow in just 2 days. Thanks kiji is great"