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Kijiji Success Stories

The following stories were sent in by other Kijiji users in Victoria. Please submit your own success story to the Kijiji team.

"I told my husband about this site, he was unfamiliar with it. We had a truck to sell as we had already bought a new one, and to start with we posted here on kijiji simply because it was so easy and we could do it in a matter of minutes from home. We had planned to put an ad in the buy and sell, other papers etc. We had calls within 24 hours and the truck was sold in less than a week. We didn't even have to buy a 'for sale sign'. We live in an area that is not that easy to get to from the larger centers so thought it would take awhile, and were really pleased at how kijiji worked for us."

"Met some good people on this site ,like to see a fishing gear category on Victoria site .Thanks and keep up the good work ,Bob."

"put an ad for a room in Victoria B. C., got awesome response and have a terrific gal from Saskatchewan. I could have rented 20 x. Thanks again."

"Just sent an email saying I sold an item within an hour of posting. Now am sending another note that another item sold within 3 hours."

"thank you Kijiji, i posted an add,after i edited it 2wks later,i had many responses. i'm happy to say i now have a place,moving in 15th sept.07. just over 2weeks, many responses. thank you kijiji,i will be passing on your site to anyone looking for aplace or trying to rent a spam or prank rplys.thanks again."

"I've had many great experiences with Kijiji! I would definately recommend this website to anybody! Beats having to pay to get rid of your stuff, or find a new room mate. I love this website!"

"i came across yr advertizement and and somehow got to u and wow. wow it was so easy to do. as u can see i,am not good at the comput thing, but yr. ad site was great. thank- you i sold all our pups and got more response the the paper local."

"Hi, I posted a chest freezer on your website.Its GONE! SOLD in 7 days///thank you"

"Hi....I am very happy to report that an ad I placed with Kijiji was seen and the article purchased within a few I am moving, I really needed this outward movement...thank you..."

"I sold a small fridge and got my $50.00 in 2 days."