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Kijiji Success Stories

The following stories were sent in by other Kijiji users in Moncton. Please submit your own success story to the Kijiji team.

"Kijiji is such a large network of buyers and sellers. I have stopped completely looking at the classified adds in the newspaper. Buying and selling through Kijiji is the way to go !"

"I just sold the bike advertised in your column last Friday. Thanks for your website."

"Thanks to Kijiji my dvd collection is topping 900 dvds, Thanks Kijiji."

"To whom ever it may concern, Hi my name is Chris ive been using Kijiji now for two years And i have bought and sold a lot of things thanks to you guys and would just like to say that you guys are AWESOME!!! Fantastic job guys, Easy to use, no viruses, lots of ads, Friendly people(MOST THE TIME), Not to much advertising. AND the very best part its free !!! My latest success story, one 1994 Toyota 4 runner GREAT deal for 1800$.FINALY my VERY FIRST CARR !!!!! And to think that this never would have happened with out Kijiji. Im only 17 and i hope to be coming back to you guys for all my buying and selling needs. Just an idea (advertise more!!!! you guys have a great product but it would be even better with more people) Hope that comment did not offend marketing team :)"

"i have sold 4 gazeboes on kijiji thanks a bundle kijiji"

"I have bought everything from 4 wheeler parts to computer parts on this site and for the most part the people I have dealt with have been top notch! Way to go Kijiji! You are providing a great service!"

"Wanted to sell my bass guitar and case at the parlour, they wanted to rip me off, $160 for both, so put it on kijiji and got $230 just for the bass and i kept the case. Thanks for a site that finally helps people get what there stuff is worth"

"sold my 2000 1100 honda arrow shadow ty kijiji"

"I sold more video games than you can shake a stick at. I bought an entire series of novels by Stephen King. Sold some Jumping Stilts. I had my old apartment rented on Kijiji in order for me to buy the new HOUSE I bought via surfing on Kijiji. Since I needed a snow blower, I also bought that through Kijiji."

"My dad found some old cell phones we didn't need anymore, so he asked me to sell them on Kijiji. I posted them on Friday night, thinking I would be luckey if I got $5. Two hours later the phones were sold for $25 each."