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Success Stories for Ottawa / Gatineau Area
Here is the most recent success story we received from a Kijiji user in Ottawa / Gatineau Area:

"My husband and I have recently become obsessed with Kijiji. It all started with a new move and discovering most of our stuff had been destroyed by mold. So we decided to redecorate our new home and while on a budget, we decided to check out Kijiji. Our first purchase was a lounge chaise, we bought 2 from the same person as she gave us a great deal if we bought two. Next was a gorgeous chrome bar that was in excellent condition and was very cheap to buy. And of course with a bar we needed stools. Searching for the right stools took a while but we have recently purchased the perfect one for our bar. Once again, we had a great deal on it. And just yesterday we purchased an awesome coffee table for an amazing price because the guy just wanted to get rid of it. My husband and I realize that we need to be checking Kijiji often as we find that things do go very fast as we are not the only one looking for great deals. It's so much fun scrolling for treasures and the excitement you feel when you find something amazing! We are constantly on our IPad when we are at home or on our phone when we are out checking for items. We have managed to decorate our new home beautifully at a very good price and have met some nice people along the way. Michelle and Chris"

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