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Kijiji is a safe, trustworthy way to find a pet in your local community

We work together with our engaged community and reputable, animal welfare agencies across Canada to prevent, detect, and discourage illegal pet vendors.

Animal Welfare Groups Support Our Work

Ontario SPCA and Humane Society

We have always been pleased with what Kijiji does to promote responsible pet purchasing and pet safety. Their new initiatives help make pet owners selling their animals accountable for the health and safety of their pets and help keep them safe from cruelty.

Ontario SPCA Chief Inspector Connie Mallory
New Brunswick SPCA

Kijiji has proven that big business can work with animal welfare agencies to improve the treatment of animals. Their cooperation has played a significant role in New Brunswick’s success in virtually eliminating puppy mills.

New Brunswick Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals’ Executive Director Mr. Hilary T. Howes
Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council of Canada

The path to safeguarding the health of our pets is by everyone working together. Kijiji has boldly taken an active role by working with animal organizations across Canada to find ways of identifying safe sources of pets and help weed out disreputable ones. We applauded their commitment and drive to be part of the solution.

Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council of Canada Executive Director Louis McCann
Alliance for Urban Animals

For some years I have been involved in discussions with leaders across the Canadian pet industry regarding strategies affecting urban animals and people in our communities. It is clear that improving our communities can only be achieved through collaboration among all organizations. Kijiji has been exceptionally proactive in both contributions to the discussions and willingness to provide transparent solutions via their online pet portal.

Alliance for Urban Animals™, PetLynx Corporation, Associate Veterinary Clinics Director of Clinical Development Dr. Drew Van Niekerk
Alliance for Urban Animals

Kijiji Canada has been invested in the Urban Animal program for seven years. We applaud Kijiji's pet section because it serves the best interest of human and non-human animals in each community. The Alliance values Kijiji as the leading online community portal for Urban Animals in Canada!

Alliance for Urban Animals™, PetLynx Corporation CEO Larry R. Evans

Our Commitment to Pets

As pet owners ourselves, we’re committed to keeping a safe environment for pets, owners and breeders. That’s why we maintain strict policies around postings on our site, including a fee to post dog advertisements. We now charge $4.99 for each dog ad to discourage the impulsive selling of dogs.

With this measure we are encouraging only serious pet vendors to advertise on our site, thus creating an even more trustworthy community for the buying and selling of pets.

This measure also provides Kijiji with additional vendor information that can assist our actions against illegal pet vendors in collaboration with our partners, the animal welfare organisations.

This includes pet postings that are placed in non-pet categories – which are promptly removed.

In addition to our policies and safety measures – our highly engaged community helps moderate pet postings, and frequently flags or reports any issues of concern. Where necessary, our moderators follow up and take action immediately.

For more information on our policies, here are some great resources we’ve created to help the community get the most out of our pets category:

We Help Pets Find Homes Across Canada

At Kijiji, our top priority is to ensure the safety and welfare of the animals that find a home through our site. We’re a proud partner of the Ontario SPCA who we work with to ensure that Kijiji is a reputable and responsible place to find a new pet online. At this year’s Woofstock, Kijiji and Rob Godfrey, Chair of the OSPCA, spoke with a number of owners to hear why they felt Kijiji was the best choice to find their new pet.

Kijiji salutes our Local Heroes

Our Community of Dogo Argentino Owners!

“After researching and bringing home our first Dogo Argentino dog, we placed an ad on Kijiji in hopes of finding other owners also passionate about this rare breed. After two short years and adding another Dogo to the family, our humble ad spiraled into a full blown rescue and support group. We now aim to educate owners, provide contacts to responsible breeders, and find at risk dogs loving homes. Without Kijiji we would not be able to connect with as many passionate dog owners.”

– Amy, Kijiji Local Heroes

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