Do-It-Yourself Banners
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What is a pageview or an impression?

A pageview or impression is a count of how many times a web page is displayed to users.

What is a product?

A product is an area of a web site where advertising images are displayed. A web page may have more than one and they maybe different sizes.

Can I renew my ad later on?

Yes. You can renew or recreate your ad campaign at any time. Login to the Previous Orders page from the first page.

What if I don't have any advertising images?

You can create your own advertising image for your ad on the image creation page. Just select 'Yes' to the 'Do you need to create a advertising image?' question.

Can I monitor my purchased ads?

Yes. You can always monitor impressions and clicks for all of your purchased advertisements by logging in to our advertiser portal;
click here

Can I change my ad once I purchase it?

You can modify both the advertising image and the destination URL for your ad. Once your ad has been approved, those changes may need to be approved again by the publisher.